A Devil of a Duke (Decadent Dukes Society, #2) by Madeline Hunter

A Devil of a Duke - Madeline Hunter


Madeline Hunter doesn't know how to do simple. Her stories are enduring, complicated, mesmerizing works of art. A Devil of a Duke is a tale of risk that seduces the heart, even as it stirs the soul. Amanda and Gabriel will have readers on the edge of their seats. What would you do for love? 

She's fighting to escape her birthright... 

Amanda was born into a family of thieves. Desperate to escape the family trade with the help of her mother, she set about rebuilding her life and striving for something better than the family legacy. Now a respectable woman, circumstances are pulling her back in to the world she fought to escape.

He's working to redeem himself...

Gabriel is a duke. He doesn't care about his reputation, but he does care about the welfare of his people. So when his title is called in question, he decides to try to do better. When he loses his heart and mind over a beautifully mysterious woman, is when his resolve starts to unravel. He has a choice to make and his heart is at the center of both.