Royally Hung by Anne Marsh

Royally Hung - Anne Marsh


Forget the tale we think we know. Royally Hung is a new kind of fantasy. The charming prince is a royal jerk with a chip on his shoulder and an appetite for the naughty side of life. Dare is no walking dream, but he does have a few surprisingly sweet attributes. He's easy on the eyes and knows how to lay on the charm to get what he wants. Edee is not his type. She always puts her best foot forward, but seems to consistently be left twisting in the wind. Neither believe in happily ever afters. He has a role to play and she has a life to live. Can the realistic photographer, help the dirty prince learn what it means to be a man? Marsh seduces with a hint of Cinderella fantasy doused with tons of wicked fun and an abundance of emotion. A hot take on a lovable tale.

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