Racked and Stacked (Blacktop Cowboys, #9) by Lorelei James

Racked and Stacked - Lorelei James


Riss doesn't know how to be invisible. She makes herself heard. Her brash personality is her calling card. She's no wilting violet. She can keep up with any man. Unfortunately what is her most appealing quality is also a painful cross for her to bear. She wants to be true to herself, but will it end up costing her a chance to be loved? Lorelei James goes beyond the armor and exposes what makes Ike and Riss a perfect match. Racked and Stacked is not just a romance. It's about staying true to your heart despite the inconvenience. Ike and Riss wear their flaws proudly, however what each fails to realize is that the imperfections are perfectly placed to help the uniqueness shine through. James and her dueling duo headline an important message with laughter and heart. Loved it!!

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