Snap Decision (Seattle Steelheads) by Jami Davenport

Snap Decision - Jami Davenport



Will the pain of her past keep her from having a happy future? Will one mistake deter the football star from risking his heart on forever? Snap Decision is a fresh start for two wounded souls. Tyler follows the rules on the field, but has his own maneuvers outside the arena. When a hint of scandal tarnishes his heart, he seeks some solitude to lick his wounds. What he gets is a smart mouth, firecracker with her own baggage to sort through. Lavendar has no time for the big ego and bright lights of Tyler's star. With her own emotions weighing her down, she can't possibly take on anyone else's. That is until Mr. Big Ego teaches her a few lessons in life, love and happy endings. Davenport scores high marks with her wise words and captivating characters.