Texas Daze (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #9) by Cynthia D'Alba

Texas Daze - Cynthia D'Alba



He's a big city kind of man. She's a small town kind of girl. When a friendly favor takes Eli Boone out of his comfort zone, Marti Jenkins decides to keep him on his toes. Marti is in need of a bit of TLC things to a devasting injury and a heartbreaking couple of months. Crossing paths with Dr. Eli Boone was not part of her plans, but fate had a different idea. Eli is a good man with a ton of baggage to outrun. Marti is a determined woman, permanently set in her ways. How will they make their romance when the time comes to put distance between them? Out of the ashes of a broken past comes a chance for a new beginning. Texas Daze is a second chance tale of strong friendships and broken hearts that touches deep within the soul.