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About Maybe Ever After

No one tells you what happens when you fall in love with your best friend.


They don’t tell you it’s like waiting for the answer to a question no one can hear you ask.

Meet Brynn Darling. Successful event coordinator. Celebrity friends.
At the top of her game. But after many failed attempts at finding love,
and a realization that her best friend is clueless, she’s ready to move on.

Easton Cole has been in the friend zone since . . . well, forever.
He fills the void with unimportant people and never gets attached.
That is until Brynn begins seeing a guy who threatens everything he’s
ever wanted.

All bets are off.

Maybe it’ll never happen.


Maybe she’ll fall in love.


Maybe they’ll get their ever after . . . after all.



Maybe Ever AfterMaybe Ever After by Cassie Graham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When the going gets tough they have each others back, but are they ready for something more? When best friends become a heart's desire are when the lines between heart and head become more than a little blurred. Maybe Ever After is the road less traveled. Brynn and Easton know the risks, yet still hunger for more. Graham stirs up the obvious emotions with a friends to lovers romance. If not a romantic this sentimental roller-coaster ride will make a believer out of you.

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Copyright @ 2019 Cassie Graham

He scratched his eyebrow, hitting the rim of his glasses. His body tightened and
for some odd reason, his eyes lasered to my mouth, watching me chew
with rapt attention. “Can you stop eating that strawberry?” He gulped, his
eyes moving to watch my neck. “Please.”


           My jaw stopped chewing and I swallowed, my eyes wide in surprise.
What was up with him?


           He sighed with relief when I sat the mostly-eaten strawberry down in the bowl.
“Listen, everyone is looking for you.”


           I took my glasses off and pinched the skin between my eyes.
Okay, so the event coordinator hiding out for the entire event wasn’t the best idea.


           I could see that now.


           “Yeah,” I said. “Okay.” I got up from the couch and stood, smoothing my
UnNatural shirt down.


           I began to walk to the door when Easton took hold of my upper arm.
The air in the room stood still, the atoms surrounding us moving in
slow motion. When my gaze turned to him, I narrowed my eyes. He stared
at me for a moment, looking so intensely into my soul, I could almost feel
him touching me. And I wasn’t talking about his hand on my arm. Although,
his hold on my skin nearly bruised my soul. It was like his powerful stare
somehow became tangible. It had fingers. Sensations. It caressed.
Teased. Explored. Every inch of me. Too much. Not enough.


           His breath hitched and mine did the same as I watched the
Adam’s apple in his throat bob. I couldn’t stop gawking at the pulse in
his neck and the twitch of his strong jaw. Everything about his gape
told me I should pull away from him because this look could change
us, but I couldn’t force myself to move. I liked the way he was looking
at me. I liked the way it made me feel. I liked that he was finally
touching me for the first time with something other than simple
friendship in mind. Maybe it wasn’t want. Maybe it was anger.
Either way, I liked that it was different.


           Is it possible for a touch to say more? Could a simple touch tell me
something I’ve wanted to hear for as long as I could remember?


           I already knew the answer. His touch could, but there was no
way I was going to break contact. We were in a staring contest,
and I refused to lose.


           Another beat longer, he let go of my arm with a jerk, turned
away and left me behind.


           I stood there, blinking in the empty space he just occupied.  

Only on $.99 RIGHT NOW on Amazon!








Author Cassie Graham:


A chocolate mistress, Cassie Graham is a born and raised Arizona girl.
Her sass knows no bounds and almost always has something kind to say,
no matter the situation. She runs a platform of love and strives to bring
those attributes out in every book she writes.

Cassie studied English and literature in college and has an intense love
for fairytales. Go figure. Though she loves a good fairytale,
she promises to always put her characters through the wringer
for that happy ending. She started writing early in her high school
career after an English teacher forced her to write in a journal.
Four years and thirty-something notebooks full of words later,
she found her passion.

Being a hopeless romantic, she found her love for romance after
she fell in love at eighteen. Stories became a lot easier to write
after she found her soulmate. Love exists and she's blessed enough
to live it every day.

If Cassie isn't shoulder-deep in writing a version of a fairytale,
you can find her front porch sitting with her husband and daughter,
eating all the bread, gossiping with her best friends, visiting
Disneyland, supporting strong women, listening to cheesy music
and reading great books by amazing people.
She loves binge watching Supernatural, drooling over
Dean, Sam and Cas, and going to conventions.
She also enjoys spreading love any chance she can.
So, if you run into her, give her a hug or a high-five.
She guarantees they're magic.

Author of Unable to Resist, Anyone But Him, The Truth of a Liar,
Enchanting Wilder, Surviving Wilder, The Girl Behind the Red Door
and Maybe Ever After.




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