The Boyfriend Experience (The Boyfriend Experience, #1) by Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

The Boyfriend Experience (The Boyfriend Experience #1) - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde



Get ready for some electricity. Whenever Phillips and Wilde join forces, sparks fly and hearts melt. Add in a hint of a laugh track and you have romance gold. The Boyfriend Experience sets the gold standard. Eric and Evie are a temptation that is not to be missed. Don't stand too close to the fire or you might get burned.



Audiobook Review: The Boyfriend Experience by Carly Phillips (Author), Erika Wilde (Author), Lia Langola (Narrator) -


Wilde and Phillips are wicked combination. They bring out the best in each other and that captivates us readers. The Boyfriend Experience is proof that even though wicked is delicious, emotional is compelling. Evie and Eric are heartbreak in a tempting package. Each time I read their foray into love, my heart cracks a little bit more. Langola gives that heartache a voice. She breathes life into an already haunting battle of hearts. A twist of fate was the start of something special, but a tragic secret could have their chance at happily ever after, crashing down around them. Boyfriend Experience is a conversation of the heart and the experience gets me every time.