Tangled Up in You (The Shaughnessy Brothers #7) by Samantha Chase

Tangled Up in You (The Shaughnessy Brothers #7) - Samantha Chase



A Samantha Chase read is like a favorite treat. There's no way I can stop at just one. Chase opens our eyes to the best and worst that emotion has to offer by showing our hearts all the possibilities. Tangled Up in You is my lastest addiction. Chase gives readers a stroll down memory lane with a familiar family and some fresh new faces. Finally, Bobby Hannigan gets what he deserves and it's not what I'd have expected. I remember Bobby as Anna's older brother, from Always my Girl and to be honest, he didn't make the best first impression. However, with a little help from life, he cleans up quite nice. The human bulldozer finally shows us his sensitive side. Who knew a Shaughnessy could tame the beast by giving him a reason to smile?