Pet Whisperer P.I.: Books 1-3 Special Boxed Edition by Molly Fitz, Sweet Promise Press

Pet Whisperer P.I.: Books 1-3 Special Boxed Edition - Molly Fitz



Kitty Confidential - All you need is an open mind, an open heart and a wry sense of humor to enjoy the oddness that is Kitty Confidential. There is always a twist that's a little bit bigger and tad stranger than the one before, but through all the weirdness, Octo-cat, Fitz and her roster of quirkily, irresistible characters, give readers something to smile about.

Terrier Transgressions - Move over Sherlock Holmes. Here's comes the pet patrol. The Pet Whisperer and her trusty crew of misfits are on the case. With danger on their tail and a murderer in their sights, Angie and Octo-cat may have bitten off more than they can chew. Add in a heartbroken, somewhat clueless Terrier, a not so well guarded secret and an unpredictable chain of events, leads to an intriguing mass of chaos. Terrier Transgressions is a different kind of mystery. Humorous adventure, captivating story and an enchanting concept. I get a kick out of over the top and Fitz delivered the goods.

Hairless Harassment - Clever gains a sense of humor by taking a detour toward eccentric. Fitz takes on danger with her animal posse. A suspenseful turn with a cute twist, Hairless Harassment will take readers from what was I thinking, to why did I wait so long. Angie and Octo-cat will have my vote every time.