Fighting For You (The Connor Family, #5) by Layla Hagen

Fighting For You (The Connor Family #5) - Layla Hagen



Each time a Layla Hagen novel comes out, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Can't wait to read them, but my heart aches the closer I come to the end. Fighting for You is the countdown to heartbreak. A reminder that there's one more Connor waiting in the wings. It's also the beginning of something special. Getting to know another great character. Jokester, Jace becomes a swoon - worthy, addiction. The playboy finally becomes more than a heartbreaker. Brooke and Jace took my heart into overdrive. They shouldn't fit, yet somehow they work. Turns out he's much deeper than he let's on and once he finds his heart's desire, he's never letting go. There's always room on my bookshelf for perfection.