Audio Review: The Tip-Off (Smart Jocks, #3) by Rebecca Jenshak (author), Jakobi Diem (narrator), Savannah Peachwood (narrator)

The Tip-Off (Smart Jocks, #3) - Rebecca Jenshak



Jenshak has a way with words. The Tip-Off takes emotions on a sentimental journey through first love. Gabby and Zeke have a rawness to their relationship that is both heartbreaking and refreshing. She's rebuilding her life after a traumatic experience. Zeke is the heartache she never thought she'd find. He's the guy with plans. Neither are ready for what is headed their way. Tip-Off refuses to hide behind theatrics and steam. It builds on the ever changing life moments that we can't control. Zeke and Gabby are as unpredictable are they are inspiring and that's what makes them unforgettable.