Who are your all-time favorite authors?
Nora Roberts, Lexi Blake, Jill Shalvis, Lorelei James

What drives you to pick up a book and read it?
Lots of things really, it’s hard to pinpoint what. I like a good story. I’m not big on angst and cheating is a huge no-no for me. I partial to a good laugh though.

Paperback or Ebook?
Both but I will admit to having more ebooks than print now days because I don’t have the space for print and I had to cull my collection when we moved to Singapore.

What is your favorite theme in reading romance?
I don’t think I have a favorite. I just want a good book. Characters I can relate to and invest in.

What are you reading right now? 
I just finished Claire Kingsley’s latest – The Mogul and the Muscle

Do you prefer to read one book at a time or several? 
I usually stick to one at a time but every now and then I’ll have a few going at the same time.

Where is your favorite place to read? 
On my new comfy couch that has a view of the water and Indonesia

What makes you love a book? 
Good story, great characters, a world that swallows me whole.

What will inspire you to recommend a book to somebody else? 
How much I enjoyed it and whether or not it stays on my mind after I turn the last page. The ones that stick in your head for weeks after you finish are the ones I’ll recommend.

What is your Girl Power Story about? 
Hahahahahaha…… Yeah, I’m a pantser so I’m still working that out but it’s definitely going to be an older woman younger man story and I’m thinking it’s going to have some heat to it (I haven’t written a really erotic story for a while) so if that’s your jam look out for it January 16, 2020.








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Mickey Hill has spent years living in the shadows. All her life, people have overlooked her but she’s learned how to use that to her advantage. She’s good at disappearing into her computer, hacking into other people’s worlds, even interrupting the real one without anyone ever noticing. But when she sets her sights on taking down a corrupt corporation, she suddenly finds herself on the radar of a man she’d hoped to never see again.


Dante Chinn has spent years compromising his personal life to make his career a success. Working undercover in cybersecurity for one of the biggest corporations in the country has given him access to everything he needs to earn a high-profile promotion. But when the company is hacked just days before he can make his bust, all of his hard work threatens to unravel. To get back on track he needs to find the hacker and get the man on his side, fast.


Only, the hacker that he finds isn’t a man at all. It’s a woman. A beautiful, smart, foul-mouthed, pain in the ass woman that Dante knows far too well and wants way too much.

What happens when you’re forced to face your past, whether you’re ready or not? What if everything you thought you knew about someone was a lie? Can you replace hurt and mistrust with understanding and acceptance? And even if you can, is a liar really worth breaking the girl code for?






Tell everyone who you are and a little bit about yourself.
Jess Bryant is an avid indoorswoman. The only time you'll find her outside is during fall, aka the most wonderful time of the year. She believes in fate, the football gods and that the future is female.

How many books have you Written?
- Written? A hundred or so. Published? About 15?

When did you start writing?
- As soon as I learned my ABC’s

What made you attempt to become an author?
- I read a book by Vivian Arend, the first in her Six Pack Ranch series, and it felt real in a way that spoke to me as a small town girl. I thought to myself... I can write like that.


Who is an author you admire?
- Every single author that has the courage to hit publish. To be specific, I love the girls that make up Kit Rocha. They created this whole new genre of post apocalyptic romance. A world where love in all its amazing forms Is welcome and embraced.

Where do your book ideas come from?
- Sometimes they come from stories I’ve heard from friends, or a random scene in a tv show, and sometimes, like with the Fated Mates Duet, they come from a dream.

What's your favorite character you've created?
- Lemon Kelly. All of my characters have pieces of me in them but Lemon is somehow the most and the least like me at the same time. She’s all heart.
She’s impulsive and she doesn’t look before she leaps. I’m the total opposite and I admire that about her so much.

Explain your creative process when you start a new book.
- Once I get an idea the first thing I do is spin it into a rough blurb. That way I know where I want the story to go. Once I have the blurb I outline chapters. It’s all very rough and oftentimes by the time I get to some of the later chapters the outline doesn’t match what the characters need anymore but it’s still my process. I can’t just start typing chapter one from a blank page.

Is your book life a secret? Do you have support from family and friends?
- Not at all. I use my real name and not a pen name so it was never something I hid. It took some time for my family to
Come Around to it but now they’re my biggest cheerleaders.

Does your significant other help with research ;) ?
- I am not married. I’m divorced actually. So no, I don’t have research assistance. Just a big imagination lol


If you could give a helpful hint to a new indie author, what would that be?
- Don’t give up. Being an indie author is hard. There’s no step by step guide for success or any guarantees so you better be in it bc you love it and if you love it, you don’t ever quit.

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
- I don’t have either where I live in my super small town but if I did I’d joke it was a Starbucks.


What's your favorite type of ice cream?
I don’t eat ice cream usually but if it’s 110 and I’m at the lake I’ll get mint chocolate chip.

What's your description of you ideal guy?(dream book boyfriend)
- It changes a lot if we are talking looks but all the major traits stay the same. He’s a grown ass man. He’s an adult with a job and a house and a plan. He’s not a womanizer or a player. He’s ready to settle down. He’s loyal and kind and understanding. He understands consent. He has a sense of humor but not at the expense of others. He’s a dog man but loves all animals. He’s a gentlemen in the streets but a freak in the sheets.


Coffee or tea?

Pizza or tacos?

Early bird or night owl?
Permanently exhausted pigeon

Perfect vacation?
Sun, sand and clear blue water.

One item on your bucket list.
Write a psychological thriller













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One last night out on the town was exactly what Brook Mason needed before she starts her new job. Only, she never could have predicted that she would come face to face the next morning with the man from her last hoorah, the man that, as it turns out, I snow technically her employer.


As much as Brook wants to forget that the night ever happened, Ash Brockmire isn’t letting her.


Ash knows that at this point in his career, he cannot have any distractions. But he wasn’t expecting the woman who rocked his world and left before morning to reappear in his life, on his plan and as his pilot. He tries to keep things professional, but he can’t get her out of his mind and doesn’t want to keep his hands to himself.


Can they keep business separate from pleasure or is a trip to the Mile High Club inevitable?








Tell everyone who you are and a little bit about yourself.

I’m Tarrah Anders, I am a superhero. Full stop. By day I’m a compassionate social worker in San Diego, by evening a cartoon drawing mom, a reformed party girl ,then wife and by night, I’m an author of smart, sexy romances. Just like myself, my characters are just like most of us: stuck somewhere between pretending to be an adult and wanting to go to bed at 9pm, trying to take over the world and just trying to make it to five o’clock when a White Claw will make everything better.


How many books have you Written?
I’ve written 10 short stories, and 13 full length novels


When did you start writing?
I’ve always written, but I never took it seriously, or thought of it as something that I would ever do anything with. I began my author journey in 2016.


What made you attempt to become an author? I read a book that was written poorly and thought that I could do better.


Who is an author you admire?
I admire a lot of authors, Meghan Quinn is my unicorn author, Judy Blume as well as Stephen King. I know, I know… drastic genres there!


Where do your book ideas come from?
My ideas come from all walks of life. It could be a saying, a commercial, something that I overhear when I’m eavesdropping in public and just a random thought!

What's your favorite character you've created?
My favorite character is Tuesday Bailey. She’s from Change of Series, part of the “Island Experience Series” and she welcomed change and found what she ultimately wanted in life.


Explain your creative process when you start a new book.
I start out with a rough idea. I create a title, my characters and then begin writing. Once I hit the end of the 1st part, I like to print it out, edit and revise to assure that I’m along the path that I need to be, then I work out where the rest of the book will go.


Is your book life a secret? Do you have support from family and friends?
My book like used to be a secret. But over the years, I’ve come out as an author slowly. My close friends and family know, mostly. But I think to some, it’s still a huge surprise.

Does your significant other help with research ;) ?

My husband always offers up research on the sex scenes!

If you could give a helpful hint to a new indie author, what would that be?
Get a tribe. Don’t be afraid to fail. Marketing doesn’t stop at the release!




Coffee or tea? COFFEE


Pizza or tacos? PIZZA


Early bird or night owl? EARLY BIRD


Perfect vacation? TROPICAL ISLAND


One item on your bucket list. GOING IN A HOT AIR BALLOON





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