Bergen Brothers: The Complete Series by: Krista Sandor

Bergen Brothers: The Complete Series - Krista Sandor




The Bergen Brothers are easy on the eyes, but detrimental to the heart. Sandor takes complicated men and simplifies their heart's desire with an overabundance of drama along the way. Having everything your heart desires can be less than a fairytale. (A PERFECT 10 ++)

Man Fast begins as a bit of a laugh, but quickly becomes so much more. Sandor has crafted a ballad to a broken heart. For Brennen, tragedy haunts his lyrics. He uses chaos to numb the pain and guilt he refuses to face. That all changes when his solo melody takes on a duet partner that has him rethinking his ways. All it takes is a sense of humor and an abundance of heart to fall in love with a less than perfect romance. Great read. (5 stars)

Man Feast reintroduces Elle Reynolds, Abby's cousin. In Man Fast, Elle proved to be the voice of reason. Man Feast finds her spiraling as she navigates betrayal and the overpowering presence of Jasper Bergen, Brennen's brother. Brennen was the charmer, but Jasper is anything but. He's a piece of work in a three piece suit that guards his heart well. Elle and Jasper go from virtual enemies to combustible lovers in the blink of an eye, but will the need for control implode their happy ending? Sandor turns heartbreaking into irresistible and I am so enjoying the ride. (5 stars)

Man Find marks the end of a wonderful series. Sandor takes the best of storytelling and turns it into a mass of unpredictable emotions. From Brennen to Jasper and now Camden, I couldn't help but fall in love. Man Find reminded me a bit of Sleepless in Seattle. By chance two strangers are brought together. Loss is the common denominator, but fate finds a way to bring them hope, show them love and help them heal. From heartbreaking to heartwarming, Cadence and Camden are irresistible to the heart. Sandor saved the best for last. (5 stars)