Silent Surrender (The Royal Heirs Book 1) by: Lizabeth Scott

Silent Surrender (The Royal Heirs Book 1)  - Lizabeth Scott





Silent Surrender by Lizabeth Scott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Silent Surrender is a beautiful blessing. Cres and Lis mark the first time in my reading experience that I had to pick my heart up off the floor. Going in I didn't know what to expect, but Scott rattled my emotions and gave me a story that I won't soon forget. Cres may be a heartbreaker, but it's Lis who is the star of the show. Life has not always been kind and she has been forced to face many challenges, yet it's her fighting spirit that drew me in. Silent Surrender is a lesson of hope that may sometimes feel like a fairytale, but never loses sight of it's heart.