Game Changer (Wynn Hockey #5) by: Kelly Jamieson

Game Changer (Wynn Hockey #5) - Kelly Jamieson





Game Changer by Kelly Jamieson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's a challenge to read hearts. Yet, Jamieson continues to accept that challenge by proving herself quite adept at doing so. Game Changer brings back one of my favorite families. The Wynns are always welcome on my bookshelves. From their grace of character to their strength of heart, they don't hesitate to make an impression. However, it's the least seen amplified flaws in their character that continue to draw me. Foolish pride, huge ego and fear of vulnerability are a constant when dealing with a Wynn. Molly and Jackson are the lastest in a long line of unlikely matches. They shouldn't work, but you so what them to. Unpredictable is a beautiful thing when you are getting to know your heart.