We would love for you to join us in the release events for the debut novel of Ally B! #OATS is a coming of age, sports romance that reader ages 13 to 113 will love. We hope you can join us!
Cover Reveal: August 5
Release Blast: August 23
Review Tour: August 23-30


Phoebe Mitchell has been outshone by someone else’s star for her entire life. Whether it was her troubled father or her spunky friend Vi, she’s never been able to burn brighter than the people around her. After a near-fatal accident and change in family dynamics, she knows she’ll never be able to outshine her situation, either. The only person to ever see past her condition and make her feel like her life is more than a cautionary tale is her childhood best friend, Max. When new boy Graham enters her orbit, she finally begins to realize she might be able to glow a little brighter than the pressures around her. But as their relationship develops, she begins to wonder, will she be able to hold onto the people that ground her, or will gravity lose its effect and send her into orbit?
 About the Author:
What else was a book-loving teenage girl supposed to do while the nation was on lockdown, with no eight-hour school days, homework, clubs, or junior prom? To face the complete and utter uncertainty that is the year 2020, 16-year-old Ally B embarked on a journey in a world she could control. Between SAT prep, hours of schoolwork, and obsessively scouring the internet for international dishes to spend hours perfecting in her mother’s kitchen, ‘a world’ slowly began to form. She wrote obsessively for a month, nearly finishing the novel before realizing it wasn’t the story she wanted to tell. Only three characters and a street name made it through the journey of one document to the next, but the story she was telling was still one she wished she’d read long ago. Ally B resides in a small village near ‘Emerson’ with her mother and her dog, Theo. She’s very excited for the world to get back to normal so she can finally stop thinking about perfecting French recipes all of the time and making a mess of the kitchen—but until then—she suggests, wear a mask.