Second In Command offers up unexpected twists and turns and, as with all good romances, a happily ever after and a giant tease for the next in the series, The Commander. - Goodreads review




"Tortured souls, wounded hearts and a danger that just won't quit." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)




Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Cover Designer: Karen Hulseman Feed Your Dreams Designs 


Second-in-Commnand Model: Thiago L



About Second In Command:
I found her when I least expected.
I should have let her go, but I couldn't.
My world is too dangerous for her.
But she needs the protection only I can give her.
And without her life has no meaning.
For the first time in my life, I'm taking what I want—
consequences be damned.







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THE COMMANDER by Melanie Moreland, releasing February 1, 2022


Photographer: Regina Wamba Exclusive Book Stock


Cover Design by: Karen Hulseman of Feed Your Dreams Designs

About The Commander
My instincts had always served me well.

Listening to my gut, the warning voice in my head that told me when to walk away.

I never failed to heed the signs.

Until the day she walked into my office.

I knew she would be trouble, but I ignored the alarm bells.

And then it was too late, and I fell. Hard.

A lie tore us apart, and I thought I’d lost her forever.

But now she’s back—with a secret she’s been keeping.

This time, I’m not letting her go.



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The Boss is LIVE!


"Moreland proves that she can do no wrong when it comes to capturing an audience. From brutal honesty to haunting suspense, Moreland dances in the shadow of fire and it's us readers that feel the burn." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)







Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Cover Designer: Karen Hulseman Feed Your Dreams Designs 


The Boss Model: Andrew Biernat


The Boss: https://bit.ly/3fsOf2K



Terrified and on the run, I was lost.
He found me.
I witnessed his crime and he gave me a choice.
Marriage or death.
I never expected to love him.
But the choices were never really mine.
Could this avenging angel of death ever love me back?
His touch consumed me.
Did my heart stand a chance?



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Author Bio: 

When you want a bit of naughty along with the nice. From NYT Best Selling Author M Moreland are complete standalone reads with one thing in common - lots of sweetness and a guaranteed HEA. Instant attraction, little angst - love and happiness abounds.


While addicted to coffee, and challenged with computer-related and technical thing, she relishes cooking. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys traveling, but finds coming home is always the best part of a trip.


Melanie loves stories, especially paired with wine. She's learned happily ever afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story.


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